Date Night

Ed and I are total home bodies (him more than me) We love to order in and binge on Netflix, or just sit next to each other while he plays video games and I’m either going back and forth from Instagram and snapchat (kattwomanxo) or online shopping. We love to just be in the comfort of our own home where his pants and my bra is optional.

“I pay way too much rent to not be home. I’m trying to get my money’s worth.”

However, I do start to get cabin fever and from time to time I need a taste of the outside world! Sometimes I need to put on a pair of shoes that are going to hurt my feet after a while, have a few watered down drinks, be pushed and shoved in a crowd and wonder why I decided to leave my house in the first place so when I come back home I can appreciate this place just a little bit more.

This night was one of those nights, I needed out!

Although, I wasn’t in the mood to have dinner in a way to loud restaurant. We decided on bowling. Ed is the reigning bowling champion at our house. Usually I’m not the competitive type but I am determined to beat Fred Flintstone over here.

We got to Balmor Lanes where of course there was an hour and a half wait for a lane and I didn’t think to call and make reservations ahead of time. (DUH Kat, it’s a Saturday night. What were you thinking!) Luckily there’s a bar and arcade so we sat ordered some food and drinks before we got our gaming on.

I got beat at basketball but left him in the dust at a racing game (who says girls can’t drive?) Let’s not forget who’s the beer pong master! (Oh, that would be me!) I did get my ass handed to me in air hockey though 😦

Finally, I got a text saying our lane was open. Which only meant the real competition was on. It seemed as though Ed was off his game because he kept getting gutter balls. He was pissed! Which is why I’m not competitive, I don’t see the point in getting upset over something that’s meant to be fun. Something I wished ZJ would remember when he’s losing in his video games. But, to each his own.

After a few games of bowling, I was ready to get back home. My boobs had been confined in a bra for way to long and I couldn’t wait to dive into bed and knock out! And By that I mean catch an episode or two of The Crown until my eyes can’t stay open.


Ps. Ed is still the reigning bowling champion.


Bustelo Experience

Buenos Dias Queridos!

Growing up Café Bustelo was a staple in my home, as I’m sure it is in many other Hispanic households and of course has also become a staple in mine. My love for coffee started at a young age. According to my mom, my grandpa starting putting coffee in a bottle for me when I was just 1 years old and when I started talking he taught me how to sing:

“Café, café que bueno Es”

I can picture 1 year old me in my custom hand drawn designed diapers (I used to scribble  on my diapers) bottle in hand, hyped off caffeine, dancing and singing around the table.

Ahhh, what I would give to see an actual picture of that!

Since then I’ve tried to kick the habit a few times opting for tea instead but there’s something about that rich coffee flavor that keeps me coming back. And every time I take that first sip I’m asking myself why would I try to do something so ridiculous as to give up coffee.

This past Fall I saw a sponsored post on my Instagram (which I normal hate seeing, and always scroll right past) It was for a Bustelo Pop Up Cafe happening that weekend in SoHo. They were having a live mural painting,  freestyle music and a live salsa band amongst other things. Not to mention free coffee!!!! I called Ed right away and asked if he wanted to go. I would’ve gone by myself if I had to. I was not missing this. But he said yes, and I was happy to have someone to share the experience with.

We got there and were greeted by the amazing aroma of coffee. Ed ordered an iced coffee while I stayed true to the original Café con leche. One sip and my heart was doing all kinds of happy dances. Ed’s iced coffee had just the right amount of agave to make it perfectly sweet.

I felt right at home with my cup of coffee and 80s freestyle music playing on the overhead speakers. I’m an 80s baby and my parents along with my aunts and uncles kept 80s music alive for me.

After a while Ed and I decided to walk around SoHo while looking for the Bustelo coffee truck where there would be a break dancing crew and yup, more coffee! I didn’t get any coffee from the truck, I was already jittery between the cup I had on my way to drop ZJ off at school and at the cafe.

I had such a good time, I just couldn’t wait to come back with my mom the following day, she wanted to see the live Salsa band they were going to have. Plus, I was told if I came back with someone I would get free merchandise. I love all things free! Being the good daughter that I am I gave my mom the free tote bag I was given when I came back.

Now, don’t be too sad that you missed all this cafecito greatness. I was told this is a yearly event and they will be back with more music and of course more free coffee. It’s their way of saying thank you to all of us who loves Cafe Bustelo. And I’ll be sure to give my fellow coffee lovers a heads up.


ZJ Update

AH ZJ! Where do I begin? My precious baby boy is definitely not a baby anymore. He’s zooming through the 4th grade and we’re getting ready to celebrate his 10th birthday next month. Yes, you read that right! 10!

He’s growing up and with that comes an attitude that I need to shut down pretty often. His smelly feet are definitely NOT cute any more and I swear I was not ready the day I cuddled up under his arm and got a huge whiff. His monster trucks, spiderman and Toy Story obsession has been replaced with more detailed action figures, Wrestlers, Legos and a Harry Potter obsession. He’s constantly reading! I remember when he gave me such a hard time to read anything. Now he’s reading books like Harry Potter, Wonder and any Greek Mythology stories he can get his hands on. I don’t understand how he can read 7 different books at a time a keep up with all the different characters and stories. But hey, I choose my battles wisely, I would rather not understand how he can read multiple books at once than have him not reading at all.

Even though he’s getting older some things haven’t changed. He’s still wants to cuddle up on my bed, he still kisses me good bye in front of his friends at school and will tell me he loves me at any random moment throughout the day for no reason. He still wants me to tuck him in at bed time with his batman sheets and his baby bear still sits on top of his bed.

In his eyes I’m still pretty cool, especially every blue moon when I allow chocolate cake and milk for breakfast and desert before dinner.

“I’m not like a regular Mom, I’m a cool Mom.” -Mrs. George, Mean Girls

A recent trip to the eye doctor determined that one of his eyes is stronger than the other, I was crushed. I didn’t want him to have to hide his beautiful green eyes behind a pair of glasses. However, ZJ being ZJ was excited about the fact that he would have glasses just like Mommy. That made me feel better. I was also referred to a website where I would be able to get him good quality, stylish glasses for crazy cheap prices and have your prescription put in. I’m not sure who was happier, Me, ZJ or my wallet.

Even though I wish he can stay my little boy forever I’m excited to witness all the amazing things he’ll do and all the different stages he’ll go through.


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Formally Known as KattEyes

Hi everyone it’s me, Kat!
You may or may not know me from my last blog KattEyes. Those who don’t know be let’s just get acquainted really quick.

My name is Kat, I live in New York and like most New Yorkers I’m always running late and in a rush. And according to most people I don’t seem friendly at first. However, I’m actually really sweet and down to earth and I can find something funny in most things. But don’t let my sweetness fool you, I’m a tough cookie and I have very little patience for nonsense. The most important part of my life is my not so little boy, ZJ, who’s 9! The truest, purest and greatest love of my life.

Life with ZJ can sometimes be challenging but also very fun. When I’m not fighting him him to clean his room or to give me a natural smile in a picture you can usually catch us cuddling on my bed watching a movie or cracking up at funny YouTube videos.

Now that we’re all acquainted let’s catch up, shall we?
Well you’re probably wondering what’s up with this new blog right. Well let’s just say my “perfect” life wasn’t so perfect. Buts who’s is anyway, right? Things didn’t work out how I hoped, prayed and dreamed for. To say I was hurt would be the understatement of the century. Embarrassed… angry…. betrayed… those are just a few subtle verbs we can use to describe the whole ordeal. I felt my whole entire world had crashed down on me and there was no way I can possibly ever be happy again. But HEYYY look at me! BREATHING… LIVING… and best of all HAPPY!
I’ve just moved into a new place AAANNNNNDDDD I’m currently in a new relationship! His name is Ed and I just can’t stop blushing over him.

Things have been a little nuts lately, slowly (and I mean REALLY slow) but surely our apartment is coming together. Ed and I only argue about every piece of decor. We finally sorta decided on some couches. Now only thing I have to do is distract him while I’m setting up the purchase and delivery date.

“Oh sorry Babe, I misunderstood and thought we AGREED to the light gray.”

A wise friend once told me

“Leave no room for options. You don’t plan your own surprise party, you just walk into it.”

Okay so that’s bad advice that I should definitely not takeIts a good thing it was a joke… or was it? Unfortunately for me Ed hates surprises. So there goes that idea, and any future ideas for surprise birthday parties.

Anyway, stay tuned to see what couches we finally agree to. And send all those positive vibes towards the light grey ones that I want! HAHA