Yes, They’re Real

We’ve all read or at least heard of the book Freckle Juice by Judy Blume, who had to be my favorite author growing up.

The book is about a boy named Andrew who wants freckles  just like his classmate Nicky. Anther classmate, Sharon over hears Andrew asking Nicky where he got his freckles from and offers Andrew a secret recipe that will give him freckles for fifty cent. Andrew goes home and whips up the gross concoction only to realize it wouldn’t give him freckles just a huge stomach ache. The next day he draws freckles on his face with a blue magic marker and goes to school. Andrew’s teacher than gives him her secret formula for removing freckles telling Andrew how handsome he was without freckles. Nicky than asks the teacher if he can have her secret formula because he hates every single one of his freckles. Which leaves Andrew questioning why Nicky would hate his freckles and Sharon to sell her “secret freckle remover recipe” to Nicky.

Growing up I hated my freckles! But I was bound to have them as both my parents and grandfather are freckly. Every time someone commented on how cute my freckles were I always smiled and thanked them politely but on the inside my eyes wanted to roll to the back of my head and what I really wanted to say was  “whatever, shut up!”

It was like the older I got the more freckles appeared! During the summer was the worse, they would get bigger and darker! I’ve had children ask me why I had spots on my face and my personal favorite was the time while working in a Daycare a little boy tried to clean my face because I had “cookie crumbs.” I’ve even had people like my pizza delivery guy and retail associates ask me how I did I get them… ummmmm what??

“What do you mean how? You get born with them. Thats how?”

-Nicky Lane, Freckle Juice

Apparently tattooed freckles are a thing. And it’s been getting really popular. Why would people want them; I wouldn’t know. But as much as I’ve disliked my freckles I’ve never inquired about having them removed or lightened. I’ve never used makeup to cover them. I just kind of dealt with it.

I had someone time tell me that without my freckles I’d look like a “basic bitch”. My freckles make me stand out amongst other girls. That comment however isn’t what made me love and embrace my freckly face. It wasn’t until I got my make up professional done for a wedding I was a bridesmaid for that I realized the guy was right.

Although the makeup artist did a fantastic job and my eye makeup was exactly what I wanted, I came off the makeup chair with my face caked up with foundation and concealer. He covered every single freckle I have. It was at that moment that I realized my freckles really did make me who I am and without them I didn’t look like myself. I looked like another plain face. That night when I got home I couldn’t wait to wipe the makeup off and look like me again.

I make it a point to tell makeup artist, whether I’m buying or getting my face professionally done, that I do not want or like full coverage makeup. And now when I get asked where I got my freckles done I say “You can’t buy them this perfect” 😉




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