Barely Functional

Recently I asked my good friend Milli if she would take a few photos of ZJ and I. Between me being the worse at capturing moments to ZJ never wanting to take any pics I feel like we don’t have many pictures together.

I literally have to bribe ZJ into cooperating and giving me a good photo. That bribing consist of me giving him $1 for each decent pic he gives me. This time around I knew I would have to up the ante.

ZJ can get camera shy so I figured being at home and in regular jeans and t-shirts should make him a little more comfortable. Plus, he’s known Milli his whole life. His comfort level should have been on 1000.

014ff47b-7a47-463f-b7b7-a0e4994c3c0bBoy, was I wrong!! He could not stop laughing or keep a straight face, his was turning tomato red and kept making the UGLIEST faces. I had to send him out of the room a few times to calm himself down and to get a glass of water.

83be3a3e-ba3c-42b3-83b3-558bda00f557Milli and I were beyond frustrated. However she did manage to get a few nice shots, which is why I love her. She just keeps snapping way capture the good, the funny and straight up ugly (which I will not share lol)

2fc7f6a9-90dd-4b59-8a63-77a9d0789dce-1 I’m definitely planning to get a few printed on canvas to hang on my still bare walls at home. As for ZJs reward for cooperating, he got nothing! Even though we did manage to get some good shots.







*Thank you Milli for your patience in capturing these barely functional moments between ZJ & I*

** We Love you ❤ **


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