Welcome to Bermuda

Flying out of work like a bat out of hell, suit cases in hand Milli and I headed towards the airport. I was so ready to leave the hustle and bustle of New York City, have my passport stamped and dip my toes into the clear blue waters and pink sand beaches of Bermuda!!!
We arrived at our Air BNB at about 10:30pm and starving. Hoping to grab a bite at the famous Swizzle Inn which was located walking distance from our home away from home (aka AirBNB) our host Ashleigh informed us that the kitchen closes at 10pm! Luckily for us Ashleigh knew we would be flying in late and went out of her way to provide us with bread, cheese, coffee, tea and milk. So our first meal in Bermuda was grilled cheese and a bottle of wine we picked up on our way in. That bread and cheese came through every morning for breakfast. Now when I have grilled cheese and coffee I think of my time in Bermuda.
We wanted to get an early start on our day but when Milli’s alarm went off the beds were just too good to not hit snooze…once… twice.. three times… “SHIT!! Wake up it’s almost 10am!!” We showered, ate, got cute and headed out the door. First stop, Gates Fort.
Our taxi driver Phillip was so sweet! He gave us a mini tour while we took in the beautiful scenery.  We actually learned that Phillip was on our same flight from New York! Coincidence or faith? Either way we were grateful for his kindness.
Phillip dropped us off at our destination. Milli and I walked through the town taking in all the beautiful colored houses and ocean views. As we were walking we happened by a local named Cheryl on her daily jog who stoped to let Milli know that she had on the right colors. Milli had no idea that the flowy blue dress she choose to wear represented the color of the towns cricket team. And apparently there was a big game happening this weekend.
Phillip was right about everyone being friendly and we quickly learned that everyone knew everyone. Everyone smiled said good morning, afternoon and evening to you as you walked by even if they didn’t know you. Those small greetings and kind smiles were much appreciated for a couple of New York City gals who are used to getting eye rolls and attitudes. It make your realize that this is how it should be every where!
**All photos by Milli Stephania.
As if I you guys already didn’t know**

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