How do you forget everyday things??

I’m leaving for a girls trip and even though I had slowly started putting what I would be taking to the side I still hadn’t transferred them over into a suit case. To make things easy I even wrote up a check list for things I need/want to bring and a To Do list for things I needed to do before I left. The night before my trip I started transferring my things into the suit case and going down my check list scratching things off as I packed them up.

Unfortunately, I still had forgotten to put things on my check list and the morning of the day I was leaving I realized I hadn’t packed underwear! Yes! Something I use EVERY SINGLE DAY was over looked. Luckily I still had some time and asked Ed to take a few pair out for me as I was getting dressed so that I can put them into my already packed suit case. I looked over and see him tossing underwear in my direction from the other side of the bed. I look down at the pile he’s made and notice that he’s only taken out the sexy lace thongs. Again, this is a girls trip that he will not be joining. Confused, I ask

Um, who are you expecting me to look sexy for??”

He replies

“I don’t know which ones you want!!”

I chuckle,

“Pass the granny ones! Their the most comfy and no one cares what kind of undies I’m wearing”


One would think this conversation be the opposite way, Ed packing all my granny undies and me trying to be cute. But these days I’m all about comfort something that must have come when I hit 30. I used to suffer in the name of cuteness. Not anymore!

I left my apartment excited but I couldnt shake the feeling that I had forgotten something….

SHIT!!!… I forgot to pack socks!! 😨







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