Date Night

Ed and I are total home bodies (him more than me) We love to order in and binge on Netflix, or just sit next to each other while he plays video games and I’m either going back and forth from Instagram and snapchat (kattwomanxo) or online shopping. We love to just be in the comfort of our own home where his pants and my bra is optional.

“I pay way too much rent to not be home. I’m trying to get my money’s worth.”

However, I do start to get cabin fever and from time to time I need a taste of the outside world! Sometimes I need to put on a pair of shoes that are going to hurt my feet after a while, have a few watered down drinks, be pushed and shoved in a crowd and wonder why I decided to leave my house in the first place so when I come back home I can appreciate this place just a little bit more.

This night was one of those nights, I needed out!

Although, I wasn’t in the mood to have dinner in a way to loud restaurant. We decided on bowling. Ed is the reigning bowling champion at our house. Usually I’m not the competitive type but I am determined to beat Fred Flintstone over here.

We got to Balmor Lanes where of course there was an hour and a half wait for a lane and I didn’t think to call and make reservations ahead of time. (DUH Kat, it’s a Saturday night. What were you thinking!) Luckily there’s a bar and arcade so we sat ordered some food and drinks before we got our gaming on.

I got beat at basketball but left him in the dust at a racing game (who says girls can’t drive?) Let’s not forget who’s the beer pong master! (Oh, that would be me!) I did get my ass handed to me in air hockey though 😦

Finally, I got a text saying our lane was open. Which only meant the real competition was on. It seemed as though Ed was off his game because he kept getting gutter balls. He was pissed! Which is why I’m not competitive, I don’t see the point in getting upset over something that’s meant to be fun. Something I wished ZJ would remember when he’s losing in his video games. But, to each his own.

After a few games of bowling, I was ready to get back home. My boobs had been confined in a bra for way to long and I couldn’t wait to dive into bed and knock out! And By that I mean catch an episode or two of The Crown until my eyes can’t stay open.


Ps. Ed is still the reigning bowling champion.


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