Bustelo Experience

Buenos Dias Queridos!

Growing up Café Bustelo was a staple in my home, as I’m sure it is in many other Hispanic households and of course has also become a staple in mine. My love for coffee started at a young age. According to my mom, my grandpa starting putting coffee in a bottle for me when I was just 1 years old and when I started talking he taught me how to sing:

“Café, café que bueno Es”

I can picture 1 year old me in my custom hand drawn designed diapers (I used to scribble  on my diapers) bottle in hand, hyped off caffeine, dancing and singing around the table.

Ahhh, what I would give to see an actual picture of that!

Since then I’ve tried to kick the habit a few times opting for tea instead but there’s something about that rich coffee flavor that keeps me coming back. And every time I take that first sip I’m asking myself why would I try to do something so ridiculous as to give up coffee.

This past Fall I saw a sponsored post on my Instagram (which I normal hate seeing, and always scroll right past) It was for a Bustelo Pop Up Cafe happening that weekend in SoHo. They were having a live mural painting,  freestyle music and a live salsa band amongst other things. Not to mention free coffee!!!! I called Ed right away and asked if he wanted to go. I would’ve gone by myself if I had to. I was not missing this. But he said yes, and I was happy to have someone to share the experience with.

We got there and were greeted by the amazing aroma of coffee. Ed ordered an iced coffee while I stayed true to the original Café con leche. One sip and my heart was doing all kinds of happy dances. Ed’s iced coffee had just the right amount of agave to make it perfectly sweet.

I felt right at home with my cup of coffee and 80s freestyle music playing on the overhead speakers. I’m an 80s baby and my parents along with my aunts and uncles kept 80s music alive for me.

After a while Ed and I decided to walk around SoHo while looking for the Bustelo coffee truck where there would be a break dancing crew and yup, more coffee! I didn’t get any coffee from the truck, I was already jittery between the cup I had on my way to drop ZJ off at school and at the cafe.

I had such a good time, I just couldn’t wait to come back with my mom the following day, she wanted to see the live Salsa band they were going to have. Plus, I was told if I came back with someone I would get free merchandise. I love all things free! Being the good daughter that I am I gave my mom the free tote bag I was given when I came back.

Now, don’t be too sad that you missed all this cafecito greatness. I was told this is a yearly event and they will be back with more music and of course more free coffee. It’s their way of saying thank you to all of us who loves Cafe Bustelo. And I’ll be sure to give my fellow coffee lovers a heads up.



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