Gov Ball 2K18

Well hello there! Long time no see.

I’ve been super slacking on my blog lately. If I’m going to lie it would be because I do nothing but work. But I’m going to be honest, I’ve just been super lazy. But I’m back with an experience for you guys. You guys can thank Milli and Ed for this one because every day I have one of them asking when’s my next post. A perfect example of my we need people in our corner to keep pushing us. I love them for it.



Governors Ball was about 3 weeks ago and once again Milli, Jeremy and I were festival buddies. This year there was one name that was headlining that I COULD NOT pass up the chance of seeing preform. EMINEM! Now, if you know me you know I am one hell of a “Stan”. I’ve literally been a fan since the 6th grade (once again rebelling against my Mom who hates the fact that he curses WAY too much). As always, he didn’t disappoint. Between him bring out 50 cent and N.E.R.D preforming there old classics I felt like I was in high school again.


However, looking around at the crowd I literally felt like I was in high school. There were a bunch of teenagers all around me. Milli and I vowed that next year we would be getting VIP tickets. We’re getting too old for the pushing and shoving and having to deal with people who obviously can’t handle their liquor intake.

dscn0590.jpgNone the less we has a blast. Nothing screams memorable more than rapping along to your favorite rapper, bopping to your favorite songs and dancing in the rain.42692068632_16ea00cdda_c.jpg2b3dd532-d9e9-4525-a822-30ee4520dde4.jpg






*Of course all photos were taken by Milli because I can’t get my photography life together. Click here to visit her website and don’t forget to follow her!* 


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