ZJ Update

AH ZJ! Where do I begin? My precious baby boy is definitely not a baby anymore. He’s zooming through the 4th grade and we’re getting ready to celebrate his 10th birthday next month. Yes, you read that right! 10!

He’s growing up and with that comes an attitude that I need to shut down pretty often. His smelly feet are definitely NOT cute any more and I swear I was not ready the day I cuddled up under his arm and got a huge whiff. His monster trucks, spiderman and Toy Story obsession has been replaced with more detailed action figures, Wrestlers, Legos and a Harry Potter obsession. He’s constantly reading! I remember when he gave me such a hard time to read anything. Now he’s reading books like Harry Potter, Wonder and any Greek Mythology stories he can get his hands on. I don’t understand how he can read 7 different books at a time a keep up with all the different characters and stories. But hey, I choose my battles wisely, I would rather not understand how he can read multiple books at once than have him not reading at all.

Even though he’s getting older some things haven’t changed. He’s still wants to cuddle up on my bed, he still kisses me good bye in front of his friends at school and will tell me he loves me at any random moment throughout the day for no reason. He still wants me to tuck him in at bed time with his batman sheets and his baby bear still sits on top of his bed.

In his eyes I’m still pretty cool, especially every blue moon when I allow chocolate cake and milk for breakfast and desert before dinner.

“I’m not like a regular Mom, I’m a cool Mom.” -Mrs. George, Mean Girls

A recent trip to the eye doctor determined that one of his eyes is stronger than the other, I was crushed. I didn’t want him to have to hide his beautiful green eyes behind a pair of glasses. However, ZJ being ZJ was excited about the fact that he would have glasses just like Mommy. That made me feel better. I was also referred to a website where I would be able to get him good quality, stylish glasses for crazy cheap prices and have your prescription put in. I’m not sure who was happier, Me, ZJ or my wallet.

Even though I wish he can stay my little boy forever I’m excited to witness all the amazing things he’ll do and all the different stages he’ll go through.


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