Formally Known as KattEyes

Hi everyone it’s me, Kat!
You may or may not know me from my last blog KattEyes. Those who don’t know me let’s just get acquainted really quick.

My name is Kat, I live in New York and like most New Yorkers I’m always running late and in a rush. And according to most people I don’t seem friendly at first. However, I’m actually really sweet and down to earth and I can find something funny in most things. But don’t let my sweetness fool you, I’m a tough cookie and I have very little patience for nonsense. The most important part of my life is my not so little boy, ZJ, who’s 9! The truest, purest and greatest love of my life.

Life with ZJ can sometimes be challenging but also very fun. When I’m not fighting him him to clean his room or to give me a natural smile in a picture you can usually catch us cuddling on my bed watching a movie or cracking up at funny YouTube videos.

Now that we’re all acquainted let’s catch up, shall we?
Well you’re probably wondering what’s up with this new blog right. Well let’s just say my “perfect” life wasn’t so perfect. Buts who’s is anyway, right? Things didn’t work out how I hoped, prayed and dreamed for. To say I was hurt would be the understatement of the century. Embarrassed… angry…. betrayed… those are just a few subtle verbs we can use to describe the whole ordeal. I felt my whole entire world had crashed down on me and there was no way I can possibly ever be happy again. But HEYYY look at me! BREATHING… LIVING… and best of all HAPPY!
I’ve just moved into a new place AAANNNNNDDDD I’m currently in a new relationship! His name is Ed and I just can’t stop blushing over him.

Things have been a little nuts lately, slowly (and I mean REALLY slow) but surely our apartment is coming together. Ed and I only disagree about every piece of decor. We finally sorta decided on some couches. Now only thing I have to do is distract him while I’m setting up the purchase and delivery date.

“Oh sorry Babe, I misunderstood and thought we AGREED to the light gray.”

A wise friend once told me

Leave no room for options. You don’t plan your own surprise party, you just walk into it.”

Okay so that’s bad advice that I should definitely not takeIts a good thing it was a joke… or was it? Unfortunately for me Ed hates surprises. So there goes that idea, and any future ideas for surprise birthday parties.

Anyway, stay tuned to see what couches we finally agree to. And send all those positive vibes towards the light grey ones that I want! HAHA


**This post was back posted from a few months ago before I made the decition to start blogging again. If you wanted to know, Ed and I decided to go with dark grey coaches.**




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